IG: Mastering Social Media for Business


IG: Mastering Social Media for Business


Social Media. It’s a massive and ever-growing element of society, and with this, it’s something that should be essential for businesses to engage with. However, that’s easier said than done. Social Media can be a daunting and lengthy time consuming task for businesses to try and keep on-top off! And it’s all down to the all important strategy. It can be simple, if you get it right. But also very messy, if you get it wrong.

Fear not though! We’ve developed this short course which focuses on giving you the essential training and insight into Social Media and overall online digital marketing - giving you key tips, tricks and solutions to help develop a strategy which will guarantee your business success and growth goth online, and in the bank!

This course is delivered x3 weekly 2.5 hour sessions.

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Topics Covered:

  • Social Media in 2019

  • Psychology - Knowing your Audience

  • Organic vs. Paid

  • Social Media Ad Campaigns

  • Increasing your Audience

  • Strategy Development